Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Residents

Q: Do you have any mobilehomes for Rent?

A: Rancho Del Rey does not offer or allow any subletting of mobilehomes in the park. Rancho Del Rey rents out lots for resident owned homes.

Q: Do you have any mobilehomes for sale?

A: Rancho Del Rey rents out the lots for resident owned Mobilehomes. You will need to contact a real-estate agent for listings in Rancho Del Rey.

Q: How can I request an application for Residency?

A: In order to request an application for residency in Rancho Del Rey, you must first have a signed purchased agreement for a space in the park. Once you have a signed purchase agreement please fill out the "Apply Now" form in the menu.

Q: In addition to Space rent what other charges are there?

A: In addition to your monthly space rent you are responsible for paying to the park: water, sewer and trash charges on a monthly basis. 

You will be responsible for paying the serving utilities for phone, TV, internet, Electric and Gas.


Q: How do I log into my resident account?

A: If you already have TWA Resident account:

If you do not have a TWA Resident account:

If you are unable to create your account please contact the park office.

Q: How do I pay online?

A: You will need to have a TWA Resident account setup.

Q: How do I setup auto payments?

A: You have two options for setting up recurring payments. 

Option 1: ACH Authorization Form

You may print and complete the ACH Authorization form and return it to the office. This will setup a recurring payment for the full amount owed on the 1st of every month. You may cancel at any time by providing the park notice.

Option 2: Auto Payments within your TWA Resident portal

Q: Can I use Flex to split my rent payment into two?

A: YES! Please check out our post on Flex rent for more information.

Q: How can I get the Dwelling Live app on my phone?

A: Please follow the below links to install the Dwelling Live app on your phone.

Q: How do I request access for my guests?

Option 1 (Preferred Option): Use Dwelling Live to add your guest information onto your approved list.

If you do not have a Dwelling Live account, you will need to contact the office and provide an email address for set up.

Dwelling Live Tutorial Video 

Option 2: Contact the Gate attendant on duty.