Huntington Beach Gables

Gate Cards

Houser Bros. Co. both owns and operates the traffic control gates on Monterey Lane. You will need to complete the form linked below. Upon completion you will receive a link from DocuSign to complete the card request.

Request Gate Cards

  • One gate card is issued per person with a fee of $30.00

  • Only condo owners may request a new card.

  • Lost or stolen cards may be replaced by an owner or tenant for a fee of $30. The pervious card will be deactivated.

  • Each card request must include a color copy of a state issued ID.

New Condo Owners

  • You will need to Sign the "Gables Gate Card Agreement" that will be emailed via DocuSign

  • You will need to provide a Proof of Ownership document (Sale/Escrow document, Property Tax Bill etc).

If you have any questions, please call (714) 846-1429 or email