California Mobile Home News - February 2024

Posted: 02/082024

The California Mobile Home News (February 2024) explores the mythology of Cupid for Valentine's Day, provides essential updates on park rules within California's Mobilehome Residency Law, and highlights a healthcare meals initiative for those with dietary restrictions. The newsletter also includes valuable resources on rent assistance and mobile home programs. 


California Mobile Home News - January 2024

Posted: 12/20/2023

Ring in the New Year with California Mobile Home News: learn about power outages and S.M.A.R.T. goals for success in 2024. Plus, find inspiring quotes and helpful resources for mobile home living!


California Mobile Home News - December 2023

Posted: 11/22/2023

This edition of the California Mobile Home News covers some fun activities to do during the holidays. There is also a great explanation on how your Utility Climate Credit works.


California Mobile Home News - November 2023


This edition of the California Mobile Home News will cover how manufactured homes are valued. This addition also includes the social security cost of living increase information.

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California Mobile Home News - October 2023


In this edition of California Mobile Home News, you will find information about the origin of Halloween, What CPI is and how it affects the cost of goods and where to see fall colors in Southern California!

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Introducing Flex. Split your payments into two.

Posted: 4/18/2023

With Flex, you choose when and how you pay rent. Each month, you pay part of your total rent up front and finance the rest with a Flex line of credit. You have the flexibility to choose your 2nd payment date to better align with your finances, or pay directly in the app when it’s convenient for you.  READ MORE